MC Parker


2015-02-11 21.18.31

PARKER a.k.a Leo Steven is an emcee, rapper, and songwriter.

He was join Hoodie Mafia in July 2010 invited by Star 101. Now he is one of the hottest MASTAMIND ALL STAR MC in Bandung city. His ability has proven to rockin the club and stage in many gigs he had explored. When he grab the MIC and standing beside the DJ he is ready to rockin the crowd.

Club Gigs :
Bandung : Mansion Club , Embassy Club, Legacy Club, Sobbers Club & Ktv, Mox Club, Liquid Club, Revel Bar & Resto, Bucharest Bar & Resto, Shelter Cafe & Bar, and Hollywood Jukebox & Bar

Jakarta : Level 2 Foundry SCDB
Batam : Square Club & Ktv

Outdoor Stage Gigs :
Bandung : Dance Like Agnes, NYE Party Studio Family Karaoke, IXPO UNPAR, Carnival In Accounting Closing Ceremony, Cardinal Goes To Campus Maranatha Christian University.

Banjarmasin : BORNEO ISLAND PROJECT 2015


Now he still workin for his new single.