MC Yasminanda

Ananda Yasmin Farhanah an exceptionally talented MC better known by her stage name MC Yasminanda was the first Female MC in Bandung and also one of the youngest talent in Hoodie Mafia (Mastamind Label). Kicking off her first career as a Female DJ since 2015. She began to understand and discovered her love for Hip Hop and R&B music at an early age when she initially learned how to be a DJ. While she was pursuing her degree in communication, she tried to explore the different side of music. Her ability to entertain the crowd makes her curious and learn to become a Female MC. After less than 2 years she quickly gained notice in dance music industry. Which encourage her to continously improve her technical skill by practising with her colleagues in Mastamind. Being part as a MC for Female DJ Group Krimkats further boost her fame in this music industry.

Gigs Experiences
Bandung: Southbank Club, Sobbers Club, MOX Club, Shelter Club, Chaplin’s Bar, Hollywood Bar, Red Light Club, Brick & Barrel, Bunker Club, Roger’s Cafe