DJ Silvia Vera

DJ Silvia Vera becoming a DJ since 2012 actualy learning DJ skill from 2011 with some friends around who already become a DJ… Luckily join Mastamind family which idealist with hip hop and RnB DJ management in 2015 untill now and learning more skill from senior member of Mastamind like Goatee, Style, Syerent Queen and many more.. Being Resident DJ of @hangover.bdg since in the middle of 2016-2017..

Gigs :
Bandung : Shelter, WU Backroom, Bucharest, Sobbers, Southbank, Hangover, Double DJ, Mox, Beerpoint, NBC, C@ts and many more

Jakarta : Nebula

Bogor : X1

Semarang : Babyface

Cirebon : Osmosis, Mixology

Karawang : Coppee Cafe