DJ Nuke

DJ Nuke start learning about electronic dance music culture from Ijoel DJ School in 2010. Starting out playing house music, she then end up focusing on R&B/Hip-Hop music genre and continue the learning process in Vivere DJ Academy. In her career, she used to work as resident DJ in The 18th Lounge Trans Luxury Hotel and Mansion Club, also as semi resident DJ at Fabric Eatery Bandung. Due to her experience, she now has the ability to read the mood of the crowd and has wide ranging capability for all music genres. In order to boost her capability in music, she is currently learning EDM Production Course at Flux Inc.

Gigs Experience

Bandung: Embassy, Mansion, Sixth Sense, 9 Square, Sobbers, Revel, Moxclub, Southbank, Liquid Lounge, Fabrik Eatery, Tropicana, Shelter, Bucharest, Bunker, Hollywood H Bar, Backyard 145, Hangover, L’Societe, Maja House, Golden Monkey
Brazil: Showbar Carlos Barbosa, Bangalo Estacao Club
Bali: Sky Dome Sky Garden, Klapa Beach Club
Cirebon: Osmosis
Palu: Spacebar