Dj Lil Wanz

Back in the year of 2006, Dj Lil Wanz started his Dj-ing career with Dj Ijoel Dwijayanti, Dj Tedy Demix Record/Gordon Inc, and Dj Djune.

He began to played on 2007 with his dubstep, RnB, and Hip Hop taste he plays at several private parties and clubs, such as Barcode Lounge Jakarta, Amare Lounge, Embassy Club, Mansion Club Bandung, Innocence Bandung, Legacy Club, Sixthsense Bar, Pure Lounge, Roger’s Lounge, Sobbers Bar, Tribeca NYC Jakarta, 999 Jakarta, Cleos Lounge Jakarta,  X-Splash Jakarta, Laguna Club Ternate.

With his RnB and Hip Hop dance music taste he will rocks your dance floor.