DJ Janez

Starting out as guitar enthusiast, DJ Janez passion and obsession for music had been his hunger to learn about electronic dance music culture in 2014. His main genre is HipHop/Twerk/Trap, but over that his versatility in all music genres has always create an ambiance of taste and talent for all music lovers. His influence in EDM industry are Skratch Bastid and DJ Craze. Janez journey towards success has been an eventful one, with loads of experience gained at the very stage of his DJ career. During his journey, he has worked as resident DJ at Sheo Lounge Bandung, and currently as resident DJ at Mox Club Bandung. His aim is to obtain the ultimate skill and knowledge in the music industry, learned from the experts which one of them is DJ Goatee as his teacher for DJ Scratch Techniques.

Gigs Experience

Mox Club, Sobbers Club, Bunker, 9 Square, Revel, Southbank, Liquid Lounge, Fabrik Eatery, Tropicana, Shelter, Bucharest, Hollywood H Bar, Backyard 145, Hangover, L’Societe, Maja House, Golden Monkey, Brick & Barrel